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Stuttering, hick ups, brief freezing with Ryzen 1700

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edited December 2017

I played this game mostly in the end of 2016 on Intel based build without any problems. Now later I have purchased Ryzen 1700, reinstalled Windows and stuff and the game stutters heavily. I don't remember playing this game since too much, if at all, before past few days and the stuttering is really annoying. I think the problem is alleviated when you play longer, but it is such a pain when the game pretty much freezes for 1 or 2 seconds randomly and there are little hitches all over the place, but not that much you couldn't still play.

I'm quite sure this has something to do with Ryzen optimization. Other games on my computer don't stutter and I even tried to run two modern games simultaneously to figure out if my other RAM stick is faulty, since Titanfall 2 is one of the few games that utilizes more than 8 GB of RAM.

If others are having similiar issues, please report and I would really like to get the game fixed somehow. To note: stutter happens almost every time someone uses the maphack boost, which is strange.

My specs are:

Windows 10 64 bit (1709)
Ryzen 1700
GTX 1070
Game installed on HDD


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