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Mouse Cursor Bug

i7 4790K
GTX 980Ti
16GB 1600MHz

I downloaded the Operation Endeavour update today, and shortly after started up the game. Everything seemed normal until I was able to be placed in an amped hardpoint match. In the dropship I noticed that my mouse cursor was overlayed on top of the game and that I could not look around upon moving my mouse. Instead, the cursor moved, yet always repositioned itself back in the center of the screen. I left the match,restarted the game and attempted to join another. I was placed in a live fire match, and the issue appeared again. I then decided to post the issue here. I hope that this is enough information to help resolve the issue.
I noted that others in the game were able to look around freely and play normally, from my immobile view. Any discussion is appreciated.
Thank you for reading.


  • I believe I have found the causality of this bug. I turned off the discord overlay for TF2, and the bug no longer persisted once I restarted the game.
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