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[PS4] Some Deluxe Edition Content (and Other DLC) Not Available for Monarch

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edited December 2017
Platform: PS4
Issue: Since Monarch's launch, Monarch has not been able to equip the "Excalibur Chrome" warpaint nor the "Thunderbird" nose art that came with the TF2 Deluxe Edition, both were meant to be equippable by all titans. However, Monarch CAN equip the Deluxe Edition's "Quantum Ocean" and "Splinter Ocean" camos for her weapon & chassis. Monarch also cannot equip other DLC meant for all titans, such as the nose arts released in Colony Reborn and Monarch's Reign.
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes.
Details on how to reproduce the issue: Go to titan selection, select Monarch, browse through nose arts & camos, and notice that the aforementioned cosmetics (except the "Splinter Ocean" and "Quantum Ocean" camos) are not available to select.
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