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PS4 Titanfall 2 Installation Stuck at 99%

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edited December 2017
So earlier this year my brother got corrupted data, and instead of deleting the corrupted data he deleted Titanfall 2, I tried reinstalling it but after hours of downloading it said it was done, I had the latest software and the game said it was installed on the latest update, I could start the game and get to the menu but the progress said 99% and multiplayer was locked out.
It's on a disc but it's clean
Anyone have a solution, this is my all time favorite game and I would hate to lose it.

EDIT: another thing I have recently noticed is that when I try to play single player it says that the game is not fully installed at 98% while the title screen still says 99%
another note is that I have tried power cycling my ps4.


  • Natguard
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    i have no clue sorry :( my only advice would be to remove all titanfall 2 files from your ps4 then power cycle.
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