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[PC] Constant DCs on Asian Servers

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edited December 2017
I've been playing MP on Asian servers (from mainland China, ISP: China Unicom) since earlier this afternoon (5pm CST / 1am PST till now) and have been experiencing constant DCs. Since many other players I matched with also reported to have experienced the DC throughout the afternoon (many of us got matched into the same game after disconnecting from the previous one), this seems to be a server-side issue. I have tried playing on various servers - HK, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore - but the game always disconnects mid-game (or even before joining a game) every one or two matches, sending me back to the main menu after freezing and displaying the 'connection error' message. Are the servers having some issues, and if so, when can we expect them to be fixed? Thank you!

Edit: tried to play several games on NA data centers, horrendous ping but no DC - pretty sure the problem is unique to this region.


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