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we play titanfall 2 + more - BgG

sup fellow keyboard warriors... BgG is looking for mature gamers that can have a laugh whilst gaming . we dont want anyone thats rambo serious or turns into some screaming **** about losing a game . we play allsorts of games and always like a game being introduced to us . we formed in 2007 as a clan and since then weve had our ups and downs.. moved to ps4 ( dont kill me ) but returned few weeks back and looking to get competative in 2018. in what game , we are unsure ,but whatever our clan members decide its gonna be a laugh... we are we have a over 18s policy as we all have kids of our own , and more would make my going grey hair actually turn grey. We dont offer this and that as a clan and really make no promises on what joining us will get you , but if you can take the **** out of others for a laugh , dont mind getting the **** taken out of you then come check us out... uk/usa players ..... if its just a community your after to meet other gamers ,then thats fine , we dont have a " join out community and you must join our clan **** rule ... we welcome all .... just make sure you can have a laugh ... no boring fkers allowed.... speak soon

discord - https://discord.gg/Tpv9bf6


  • Sortep1977
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    edited September 2018
    Very willing to join your network. If that's okay, send me an invite. Sortep1977 is my Origin name and I'm US East Coast. Um...btw what does BgG stand for?
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