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Monarch's Energy Siphon wrecks my frame rate

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I just started playing again after a long break. Returning to the game now with Monarch for the first time, I get hit by his energy siphon and my screen goes pixelated and the frame rate lags hard for several seconds. (it may also happen after his first upgrade with that electric weapon).

I also recently upgrade to Vega 56 video card. All other aspects of the game work very well. Been running with 4k monitor.
Ryzen 1700
Windows 10
16gb ram

Any graphic settings in particular I could adjust to help this one aspect of the game?

Please help. Thanks!


  • Natguard
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    Have you overclocked your CPU or GPU? Also try turning vsync off and setting the priority of the task in taskmanger (i dont know what it would be i use xbox one for titanfall) to high. Also please get a hardware monitoring/benchmarking program and send me the stats
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