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Origin says game is running and it is in task manager but i can't see it in alt + tab or open it

When I started up Titan-fall 2 with the play button it went as normal. Green loading bar, syncing cloud yada yada. But then nothing happens. I click on the game in the taskbar on the bottom of my screen. Does nothing but throw me back to origins. Open alt + tab. It's not there. Open task manager. It's there and using up a bunch of CPU. End program. Press play again. Repeat. Help.

Notice: Not sure if its to do with this but I recently turned some of the graphics in the video.config super low. it worked once but doesn't anymore. Also turned processors up from 1 to 2.


  • Natguard
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    change the graphics in video.config back to normal and change processors back to 1 then tell me if it persist
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