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Dear Respawn, we need to talk about São Paulo datacenters. (PC)

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Its a patience exercise to join a match on any São Paulo datacenters. Lack of players isn't a reason, because I found a lot of south americans playing on New York datacenter.
We had 3 servers before (São Paulo, São Paulo 1 and 2) and now we have 5 (the 3 plus São Paulo GCE 1 and 2). This is a extreme amount in my opinion, we don't need that much.
In Titanfall 1 we have just the South America datacenter and its easy to join a Attrion and even Frontier Defense match.
Why don't you leave active just one datacenter in São Paulo, so the few players we have over here can be condensed and find each other in a reasonable ping?
Also, why the automatch didn't create a Frontier Defense match with just 2 or 3 players instead wait for 4? Several times me and 2 other friends get tired to wait for a fourth one and change datacenter to New York, just to get other player to fill the team.
I will be very appreciated if you cold do something to our community.
Thanks! :-)
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