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Titan Strategy on Master? (FD)

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edited December 2017
So I've finally grinded all my titans to rank 19 so they're all one level away from max upgrades. Was wondering what primary kits are preferred going into Master/Insane difficulty. I run Overcore on Monarch/Tone and Turbo Engine on everybody else. However, I do see a lot of people running Nuke Eject or even Counter Ready on Monarch/Ronin.

Also - which titan is useful on friggin Drydock?! I've never beaten this map on Hard -_-


  • OdysseyHome
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    Bassically popular choices are overcore and then the titan's kit that buffs utility or offensive ability. Helps loop core to deal with the increased titan threat.

    But really you could use anything if the team cooperates like an oiled engine, which is rare in public games without communication.

    So nuke ejects is a symptom of this issue. People use it so they can do the work if a team themselves at the cost of some team sabotage. It makes recovering titans harder.

    Smoke is good for blocking AI vision and zone control, its useful for monarch; but overcore helps with her upgrading and shielding. I consider extra-counter measure "Pro" mode.

    But after experimenting i like assault chip with a assault chip compatible kit choice. I then pair my pilot loadout with the titans range capabilities so to synergies.

    Basically run phase embark and titan hunter. Then a grenadier weapon, archer or thunderbolt, and phase shift, stim or cloak, with firestar, gstar, or satchels. B3 sidearm. Fast switch and speed loader / ammo mods.

    That way I work with the titan to deal stacked damage and kill things faster together whilst stealing batteries and damaging titans and killing them with warpfall... Can also use my titan as a anti-titan weapon vending machine.

    Key thing i find though is people generally guard the harvester instead of blocking traffic like a tower defense game. Drydock is unique in that harvester is in the map center so generally people flock together on one side where the action is and foes sneak up behind them...

    Key to drydock is finding the unguarded flank by you team and blocking it so allies know to come help you fue to their kill chasing mentality.
  • Sanzionovisk
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    I use nuke ejection. Its useful on stages there have nuke titan waves.
    The secret on Drydock is a good Scorch player around harvester and a turret pointed to where cloak drones comes. I also put one or two arc traps on the very high of the building where drones comes, so they can"t fire on harverster because they"re affected by traps.
  • h0ekage
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    But after experimenting i like assault chip with a assault chip compatible kit choice. I then pair my pilot loadout with the titans range capabilities so to synergies.

    Can you explain this in more detail? I never saw any use for Assault Chip after Regular difficulty.

  • L453R-634M
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    @OdysseyHome warpfall over dome shield???
  • OdysseyHome
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    Personally @L453R-634M I feel dome shield soley exists as a "training wheel" kit of MP. Helps players learn to titanfall without risk of losing the titan due lack of mechanical practice or experience

    But the dome doesn't really help much. AI move out of the damage field. The static stance of your titan makes it a turtle so MP foes wait for you to embark. Allies can not shoot through the dome, so this can actually team sabotage and the dropper is non the wiser.

    Warpfall however enables two things. Faster embarking. Airstrike potential. Speed means can suprise in MP, or save time in FD. Both allow for advanced plays that are difficult to access with dome kit.

    I feel the dome popularity is that people don't like losing their titan which they 'earned'. So if the work was hard going then you value the reward more...

    Meaning people find earning titans difficult if they rely on AT weapons only so the time to titan is longer, thus they develop conservatism over said titan to make it count.

    But if the pilot uses rodeo, batteries, ordinance together with AT as a supplement then titans can be earned in seconds! Thus warpfall can help you use that titan as a mortar strike... If you fail no sweat just earn another one.

    Takes practice but in the end once you master warpfall their's no compelling reason to use dome shield.

    ...just like how training wheels work ;)
  • OdysseyHome
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    @h0ekage Read my "how to work WITH auto-titans" guide for more info. I go in depth there.

    Any questions glad to talk through them there.
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