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Does Battlefield 1 get fun? Edit: refunded it =( Edit 2: Bought BF4 and it rocks.

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BF1 just seems a successions of deaths from enemies in favourable spots. It's one frustration after the other.
I actually had fun in BF2, BF3 and Bad Company 2, but this just doesn't feel fun. Maybe Titanfall upped the ante so much, nothing else feels fun. How do other people feel about it? I still have 24 hours to get a refund.

Edit: In case anyone cares, I just refunded the game. I installed BFBC2 and played the vietnam DLC and I had some fun with it, while I was still mostly frustrated in BF1.

But in general my lack of fun also has to do with my tastes having changed. I just have much less tolerance for situations that come up in BF games. And I believe in BF1 those situations are more pronounced. One situation is always having the wrong kit at the wrong time and the wrong place and being in a position where you can do very little. Due to the slower moving speed, just going to a different place is not an option.

Especially frustrating are the vehicles. They are slow, decently powerful and have a shitload of armor. And I know this is the case with most BF games but more so in this one. They feel like cumbersome fortresses. Contrast that with titanfall where you have to keep manoeuvring even in the titans, pilots can and will hurt you. But you are still a lot more powerful. In BF1 all you can do with a vehicle is position yourself on a hill and have a turkey shoot, people can do very little against you, but move in closer and you will be swamped with anti tank grenades, you lack the space and ability to manoeuvre. It's also hard to get a good ping on where the players are generally, but this is no fault of BF1 itself, it has an excellent spotting mechanic, it's just that people do not use it.

I felt like in the modern time BF games, helicopters added a lot more dynamicism to whole game, they players themselves also had a lot more options against vehicles. BF1 feels slow and cumbersome. The outcomes of fights are determined mostly by chance then player skill.

Edit: tried BF4 out and it was really fun, so yeah I just don't like BF1.


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    Apologies, I haven't looked in the off topic area for a while - I wish I had.

    BF1 - for me - it's still Battlefield, so I haven't gone as far as to try to get a refund, but it's just not nearly as fun as past installments.

    SO yeah, you did the right thing - and this is coming from someone who hasn't missed a Battlefield installment (other than Hardline) since Battlefield 1942 in 2002.

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