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Can not find match

I have had this issue since the start. I can join any multiplayer game mode apart from the special gamemode that goes on for a month or so.

Every time i try and join that gamemode it ends up in a constant "searching for match" or "estimated wait time X" but never finds a match.

At first i always thought no one played them by the time i saw and tried connecting. But I am now trying to connect to "Attack on Titanfall" on day 1. But still can not find a match.

Due to the fact i can connect to any other gamemode with ease. I dont think its a connection issue.

I do have all the titanfall 2 recommended tcp and udp ports open. I have not tried reinstalling the game, mainly due to the fact when i remember that i have this issue i want to play the game. Not wait for the huge game to redownload.

Is there a fix for this that doesnt require me waiting 2-3 hours watching a download meter increase?


  • You cannot enter because nobody is playing this mode on your datacenter. Try to change to the New York datacenter search a match again.
  • Thanks. Ill try it out. I normally connect to London
  • You cannot enter because nobody is playing this mode on your datacenter. Try to change to the New York datacenter search a match again.

    Waited for 5min on new york data center. Still none signs of finding a match
  • TitanFall 2 need improve "Searching for match System", the only ATTRITION mode is easy to Match after 10 min. i really want to taste Bounty Hunter, but system can't find. I know the problem is ATTRITION is the first on the list Game Mode. Switch to Toggle all Mode, System will seeking & create Match with ATTRITION. Private Room need to earn EXP to follow High Level player. When Ping to High, i have no way to chasing High Level Player (they look like Ghost). I have quite time to kill Grunt, Spectre & A.I Titan, it's fun but no EXP to upgrade my weapon optic. Frontier is carzy while U play alone... Totally Hopeless !!!
  • I find myself getting into bounty hunt the most. With capture the flag 2nd most. Attrition is the 3rd.

    But i do agree. A improvement must be done. Maybe it doesnt save your toggled gamemode (unless you select it in the settings or something) and the order of gamemodes is random. So users would need to manually tune their gamemodes and thouse who dont will find themselves in gamemodes they have never tried.

    I would also like at least a percent of players who are playing a certain gamemode. This will stop me from searching for gamemodes that have no one in.

    I will admit. Titanfall 2 gamemode selector is much better then most other games with the ability to select which gamemodes to search for and all gamemodes are selected at the start, this would normally remove the people who just select the top/first gamemode and stick to that. But there is still improvements to be done.
  • But i dont think my issue relates to 0 people on a gamemode because like i said. Day 1 of release of a new special gamemode. I can not connect to a match. Nor can i connect to any of special gamemode.

    I do think its my client. But more then 50gb takes 1.5days to download on my internet. Its better then my previous place. That would have taken 3 full days.

    I rather just not play the special gamemodes then wait 1.5 days to redownload titanfall 2.
  • Geddon95405
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    only well crafted bot opponents would solve this

    but Respawn has no interest in this because it doesn't give them enough money to justify the cost of designing the bots

    shame really, that respawn (who gave us the ultra value MW3), now shies away from providing extra value to buyers

    anyways EA owns respawn now so the next one is certain to have grinds and lootboxes
  • Can we get back to the actual issue i have? Not being able to connect to special games? Based on the fact i tried accessing it on day 1 and again with the new york region. There is something wrong with how im connecting or finding matches for special gamemodes.
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