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tricks and treads update

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Hey guys play the update tricks and treads some hours and must say some changes sucks realy hard!!

The r201 sould be perform as a assoult riffle but it doesent.. middle to longe range useless and no fun to use!! It can outperform by smgs now ! Better increase hip fire more and bring old view kick back !
Against flatline r201 is like a watter pistol !!! Flatline goosing pilots easy as f...ck very short ttk!!!

Arc granades now useless too cous most you use it the fast way !! Example For fast attacks against more enemys they camp on important positions or to blind a tone ready to kill you ..now this game tactik is broken!!

Grapple gameplay its ok butt fun factor is devinetly less funny to play! And not necessery ... kompare to stimm when you grapple you cant shoot you a easy target...the stimm guys ho cry about op grappling is that wen stimm aktivaded you cann shoot ...big diference!!

Pistol primary thing is also absolut nonsense in my opinoion!!

Before tricks and treads titanfall was nearly perfeckt balanced i think and thats tell you a pilot ho reached 59000 kills and play over 800hours
and funn didnt ends but now funn to play stucks ! Hope some things will rebalanced next update ..sry for my bad english. Im alone with that opinion??

Peace pilots !@#$/^


  • Yes you are 100% right. Attrition is now 15 minutes long and drags. They said they balanced stuff out now it's like a headache followed by a migraine with nausea and vomiting. So glad COD is out tomorrow night cuz I'm done with Titan Fall 2 since this terrible idea someone came up with. Everyone please help correct this **** by commting and maybe things can go back to the way they used to be.....
  • Yep. Loved this game for the past year. Why on earth they decided to this is beyond me. Trying to lose the small playerbase they have left. Those returning to try out the 4k patch for x will try it and turn it straight off. It was PERFECT as it was.
    I was looking forward to the x verion over any other game.
    Unless this is rectified i doubt i will return. Was not enjoyable tonight... At all.
  • Captn-S13
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    edited November 2017
    Alright pilotst playd every single day since release last patch and must say I got used to it!!

    And today i switched my opinion from terrible ubdate to hey it works all well and funn kommes back!! balancing is great:-)))

    But hate the nerfes Nevertheless!!

  • No tricks here. Just get two friends and jump around throwing grenades and shooting EPGs or softballs. You don’t need any skill if you have the auto aim turned on. Just don’t hold steal or go in buildings and you too can win the game!
  • So don’t bother trying all the weapons. Don’t try and use tactical movement. Just bounce and bounce with your friends and you too can dominate this game!
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