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Top Mobility Kit for FD

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Looking for the most reliable way to get around AI if I'm knocked out of my Titan. Should I go grapple, stim, or phase shift? Are some kits better on certain maps than others?

I do run A-Wall on Rise. Haven't found much use for any of the other kits in Frontier Defense.


  • Dr_Killedalot
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    edited October 2017
    Both stim and grapple are great , tough on war games you should avoid grapple

    phase shift doesnt really give you mobility and is only usefull in master and insane where you are easily shot down
  • OdysseyHome
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    Cloak is also rather handy since it prevents AI from targeting you. Can then throw satchels and detonate them, or melee minions to attack without breaking cloak.
  • I feel that grapple is the best there since you can travel across the map much quicker. but stim is quite useful as well
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