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Save the B3 Wingman

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edited October 2017
Would love accuracy improvement on this poor soul


  • OdysseyHome
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    The gun uniquely gains significant accuracy bonus if you crouch or slide with it, so combo it with mobility to wield it better.

    Also, don't forget to ADS but aim slightly lower on the target's head so the recoil helps with getting head shots. Need head shoots with this gun. ADS is point accurate.

    The thing I think that makes the gun hard to use is the fire rate. Need to pace shots, fire too quickly and the gun becomes increasingly inaccurate like the hemlock AR. Wait until the gun settles before firing another shot. With practice can get the timing right to retain accuracy while preserving fire rate.

    This is one of my most used side-arms on my sniper load-out. I mainly use speed loader or ammo with the silencer. Three shot kill, so two hip-fire shoots (at least one exploiting a mobility combo) then ADS for the kill shot.

    It's technically an 'executioner' side-arm. If you get hits with you're primary but run out of ammo switch to the wing-man for an easy one or two shot kill.
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