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Game not reading settings file

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edited October 2017
So I reinstalled titanfall 2 recently, and every time I launch the game I have no key binds. I still have my titanfall 2 folder in documents/respawn and notepad++ is able to read settings.cfg fine. I tried launching both tf2 and origin as an administrator. Onedrive is disabled and the documents folder is properly set as the library in windows. This wasn't an issue before I reinstalled the game.

If I just delete the titanfall 2 folder, the game is able to create a new folder with a settings.cfg file, but I still have no keybinds. If I open the new settings.cfg file, everything appears to be filled out correctly. So the game clearly is able to find and write to the directory, but it apparently can't read.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?


  • Forblaze7
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    So this seems to be related to cloud storage. If I disable cloud storage, delete my titanfall 2 folder, and relaunch the game, I have all of the default binds and settings. If I close and relaunch the game, I still have those default settings. When I reenable cloud storage, upload my local files to the cloud and relaunch the game, all of the binds are cleared.
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