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Titan Concept: Havoc

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In Game Info:

Damage: **
Health: *
Mobility: ***
Difficulty: **

Weapon: RDE Cannon
Primary: Remote detonated satchels. X, X to detonate.*
Alternate: Flak blast with knockback.

Offensive: Mag Volley
Burst of magnetic impact grenades.*

Defensive: Fuel Shield
Blocks fire from two sides and boosts dash.

Utility: Magnetic Drone
Magnetizes a target and highlights it for Havoc.*
*Increased attraction radius for magnetic gear

Core: Minefield Core
Covers an area in magnetic mines.*

Tier 2 Kits:
Focused Flak: Flak pushes targets further and has increased range.

Grenade Barrage: Successful hits with Mag Volley reduces its cooldown.

Phalanx: Fuel Shield fully surrounds Havoc and blocks more damage.

Ambush Gear: Reduces Minefield Core’s sound and visibility and keeps the RDE Cannon off radar.

Instant Arming: Satchels are armed instantly and have a larger blast radius.

Execution: Under and Over: Knock out the enemy titan’s feet before blowing it up with a satchel.
Prime Execution: Bed of Mines: Grab the enemy titan’s arm and drag them into a Minefield Core.

In Depth Info:
Primary: RDE Cannon
2 shots in a clip. 2.65 second reload time. 60 rpm.
Satchels detonate on contact to heavily armored targets or by double-tapping x, however remote detonation only occurs after the satchel has landed for .5 seconds (like Satchel) . Each does 1300-700 damage and 100-50 damage to pilots, with 125% of satchel blast radius. Projectile speed is similar to EPG but with Satchel dropoff. Max of 2 explosives in play.
Alt Fire: Close range blast that pushes enemies back (Size of close range
powershot, range of leadwall, pushes enemies back about 75% of a powershot distance). Each shot does 700 Damage to Titans and 50-30 damage to pilots.

Offensive: Mag Volley
Fires a 4-round burst of magnetic impact grenades. Similar velocity to Softball. Grenades are attracted to targets similar to MGL, but detonate on impact to anything. 600 rpm with an 8 second cooldown. 350 damage per shot to titans and 40-30 damage to pilots, with Satchel blast radius.

Defensive: Fuel Shield
Creates two particle-wall like shields in front of and behind Havoc that follows movements. Converts damage taken into dash charge at a rate of 1350 damage per 50% total dash charge. Frontal shield has 75% of particle wall hp, back shield has 35%. Lasts 5 seconds, 12 second cooldown (cools down during use).

Utility: Magnetic Drone
Readies a magnetic drone. Press RT to fire. Attracted to heavily armored targets similar to MGL. If attached, magnetizes the target and highlights the target to the owner for 5 seconds. Notifies the target if attached. Can be detached by smoke. Pings on radar. Similar velocity to Sonar Pulse. 10 second cooldown. Magnetized targets attract satchels with MGL attraction radius and double the attraction radius of Minefield Core and Mag Volley.

Core: Minefield Core
Inaccurately sprays 20 magnetic mines over 2 seconds, each dealing 400 damage. Mines do not trigger each other on explosion and cannot be detonated by other explosives. Mines last 60 seconds before timing out and have an attraction radius of 150% that of an MGL.

Tier 2 Kits:
Focused Flak: Flak pushes targets further and has increased range. (100% powershot knockback, 25% increased range)
Grenade Barrage: Getting hits with Mag Volley reduces its cooldown. (1 sec per hit)
Phalanx: Fuel Shield fully surrounds Havoc and has increased health. (100% Particle wall health)
Ambush Gear: Minefield core does not ping Havoc on radar, fires quieter and mines are much harder to see. RDE Cannon also does not ping on radar.
Instant Arming: Satchels can be manually detonated as soon as they are fired and have 50% increased blast radius.

Execution: Punch the enemy titan in the face with a Magnetic Drone (attaching it), knock its feet out from under it with a flak shot and then blast it with a satchel.
Prime Execution: Grab the enemy titan’s left arm with Havoc’s left arm while placing a Minefield Core at Havoc’s feet and then drag the enemy titan onto the mines.
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