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Predicting Spawn Location?

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Hi All,

Anyone can guide me how to predict where the enemies will spawn after we kill them?

Im counting there are around 5 -6 spawn location on each maps (correct me if im wrong). Is the spawning mechanism random? or there is a fix spawn location (If we kill enemies at location A then they definitely will spawn on B )?


  • OdysseyHome
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    I think there are more than 5-6 locations but it depends on game-mode as to how spawning logic and spawn favouritism works.

    I find spawning tries to put you near allies, away from enemies, but near owned objectives. It finds the nearest safest spawn at the time and puts you there. So there's potential for 'in action' spawns, unfortunately.

    Bassically, kill a foe in the middle of a map and they'll spawn in the outskirt areas where you're team has the least presence (in kill to score modes) or they spawn in their 'base(s)' (capture to score modes).

    It's somewhat possible to spawn farm if you know where to stand after wiping an enemy team so the spawns don't flip but this is fringe case and often requires coordinated effor to set up. It's annoying but rare.

    In CTF killing foes in the middle is somewhat disadvantageous because they'll spawn ready for you. Generally it's better to have a runner sneak into the base and then run to mid field exploiting environmental cover to escape while allies kill foes to put them in the base and prevent their pursuit. Often means the game is about assassination, since can't cap flags if you flag is away from base.
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