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Why are people who play this game abusive in in-game chat?

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I've been called gay, ****, piece of ****, hacker noob blah blah blah. So my name made me an easy target? They see my name and instantly think I'm gay? What exactly is wrong with using hitscan weapons? Why do the players from "tfg" clan, and some other players always say something like "hitscan is cancer"? A person called me a car shitter and another complained I used SMG and Arc grenade. I mean did you pay the 60 dollars for me? If you are that good why can't "noob" players use "caner weapons"? Why don't you tell the developer the remove all hitscan weapons instead of writing insulting comments in the chat? It's very annoying. A lot of people complain whenever they use melee but a ton of players have used melee on me yet I never complained about that. So you can't stop using melee why don't you shut the **** up about other player using melee to kill you? If you are an adult can you act like one? Even if you are just a teenager can you grow the **** up already? If you think my name is so wrong, then what name do these players think I SHOULD choose so that the players who instantly associate my name with something completely unrelated can shut the **** up? Can players stop teabagging? Do it to the one you know and are friend with, because I'm not your friend. This is the first online game I put serious effort into. When I first started I never thought about accusing people of hacking(like countless people do), talking trash to other people, teabagging players and writing insulting comments just to want to see players **** of to feel good. I just wanted to play the game and at some point started to want to be a good player. This game made me realize how toxic the online gaming community is.


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    I assume you are playing PC? This is just basic internet trolls sadly. Almost every multiplayer game has this. You see it a lot in MMOs but you can report it as harassment. On ps4 I dont deal with it much but we only have voice chat not a text chat. Most people dont have the **** to say these things on the voice chat. It also helps you cant talk with enemy team during the match.

    You can try and see if you can report these people for harassment. Im sure respawn will look into and take appropriate actions.
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