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Sao Paulo servers not finding games

So... yeah, pretty much this topic's title.
I've played over 450 hours of TF2 on american servers (such as New York 1, 2, etc) because for some reason the game doesn't connect me to anny match on the Sao Paulo servers.
So yeah, I've been playing for 450 hours with over 180 ping, just cause this game is so. ****. awesome. I can't even...
Does anyone know why the servers just doesn't connect me to a match on a server where ping is below 50?
For god's sake help I can't take punching ppl in the face and dying to melee right after because of **** ping


  • Khustela
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    Hello! B)

    Indeed, Sao Paulo servers not find any games, it's sad but true.
    I played much less than I would like because of this problem. And the ping with the servers of North America makes the game experience horrible.
    I really love this game, and i would like to have titanfall 2 the same 500 hours I have of titanfall 1.
    Please guys, try to solve this ping problem on NA servers so that SA players get a better experience. Or even try to encourage the community to return to the servers in Sao Paulo.

    thank you.
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