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Can't run singleplayer misson

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edited September 2017

My PC conifg on WIN10
GTX1070 8G
16G DDR4

play a new campaign
and aftter the movie played
than some hint ask me ask speace bar.

than nothing happend.
after a while there is a message below:

There was problem processing game logic. Please try again.
[UI]Persistent data not available for client#0

that's it...

Need your help....


  • Laura7089
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    I'm having the same problem after getting into BT to cross the toxic lake in "the Beacon"
  • I have the exact same problem on XBOX ONE S. I was halfway through the campaign and just got the ARK gun and returned to BT. I believe I just updated a few days ago. Perhaps it' related to that. Multiplayer works ok.

    There was problem processing game logic. Please try again.
  • DasMux
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    Just opened TF2 after an absence of a couple of months, updates, then finally launch a quick single player mission, within two minutes drop out to this same error. PC Win10. 3 game restarts, then I came here. Still looking for solutions.
  • astroRX0
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    Same here, since the last update. same error. this happens when I play from multiplayer to campaign.
  • I also got that error recently:
    There was a problem processing game logic.
    Please try again.
    lobby/sh_lobby.gnut #251
    [UI] Persistent data not available for client #0.

    I was doing a second round in the pilot's gauntlet when it occurred. I was throwing an arc grenade very close to when the crash happened.
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  • ldelvalle
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    I got that same problem. I can play multiplayer but when I try campaign, it plays for a few seconds and then it freezes and says the 251 error about not enough logic

    Honestly titanfall should be the king of first person shooters. Battle field is too much and cod is just gay now.
  • Having this exact same issue on the first campaign mission.

    No problems with multiplayer. Campaign will run for a few minutes then hit me with this.
  • Nelfang
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    Having the exact same problem in Single player mode... Any fix found for this yet?
  • Zeplin1337
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    Same issue. Don't tell me I wasted money on a game they won't even fix? Over a month and no response even?
  • SativaOwl
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    Same as above, I can play multiplayer just fine.(small miracle?)
    And it's extremely disappointing that even if there isn't a good handle on the bug, that the developers haven't said anything recently.
  • sentientsoap
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    edited October 2017
    bump , getting logic errors during cutscenes in single player

    edit : logic errors at random now :(
    this completely breaks the campaign, some dev response would be nice...
  • MedranoFamo
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    edited October 2017
    I found out that you have to delete your save file off of your console. When you start up Titan Fall 2 your XBO will sync with your cloud save file and restore your campaign check point. This error looks like it is popping up because the cloud and console save files are not in sync.
  • @MedranoFamo
    That worked! I deleted the save on my ps4 and after about 5 min or so I go back to my pc and the campaign mode is now available! Thanks so much for the fix!
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