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Monarch Upgrades

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When Monarch came out 3-4 months ago, I spent a lot of time playing with her in the then new Titan Brawl. I found this one guy who had lived almost the whole match, and when people asked in awe at how he said he had his Monarch equipped with arc rounds and accelerator. I took that idea and threw on Maelstrom, and have been practically unstoppable since. (Exceptions being against anything that has a high damage in a short time like Archer, power shot, Leadwall, etc before hitting core 3)

But now I want to embrace the side of Monarch that it seems she was intended for. "Support"
I used the kits Shield Amplifier and Counter-Ready
I tried out the upgrades Energy Transfer, Rearm and Reload, and Accelerator. After a few rounds I discovered that rearm and reload did not do what I thought it did (I thought it was similar to the kit "Rapid Rearm".
I just tried out Energy Field instead of Rearm and Reload, and what i'm noticing is that both before and now that I have EF equipped my Energy Siphon sometimes won't give shields to friendlies. I do have Energy Transfer active when i do it. Like fore example, I would throw a shield at my team mate, and they would not gain anything. I would rearm, and try again, and this time it would land. Is it dependent on where it lands?
With Energy Field, is it AOE? I was told it is, but when I used it it wouldn't hit multiple targets. Is it like a "frag" kind of thing where once it lands guys around it get buffed too or is it more of a beam of help where when you shoot it everyone near where it was sent off gets it, so if I miss the Ronin it will still shield them?
When I use Energy Field, in the same shot can I stun an enemy and give myself shield and give a team mate a shield? Is there a limit
to how many team mates and enemies this can effect?
Then with Energized smoke mk.2, I found that that too doesn't seem to always grant shields, and then in between rounds I try to drop a smoke on my team mates' (not the most efficient method i know) auto titans while they are in the store, and the AI will almost always seem (at least with darn Ronin) to walk out of the smoke extremely quickly, like dash out, and then I waste that smoke.
Another little thing I want to request is to be able to Energy Transfer while my team mate is in a termination, regardless of what end they are on.
If you have an answer please help me out with this.
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  • Dinorush13
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    For your Energy Field questions. Energy Field produces a spherical explosion on impact like an arc grenade. Each enemy/friendly hit will have the same effect as if they were hit by an energy siphon applied, and there is no limit. So you can shield your entire team with Transfer and Field, or you can get full shields with one siphon if you siphon a group of enemies. Yes, you can both shield a friendly and sap an enemy with the same shot. You can also siphon corners to hit people hiding behind corners.
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