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Mastiff, Your Thought Guys?

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edited August 2017
As the title said, what are your thoughts of Mastiff?

Currently this is my main gun combined with cloak, engaging enemies on short range.

Im a Gen2 noob. Anyone can share tips and trick using this gun?


  • OdysseyHome
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    I prefer the EVA for close range. I not really a fan of cloak with shotguns since pilots can see the effect better up close. I really like cloak with snipers better because greater distance makes you harder to pick out on their screen; so you have all the time to place your shots.

    Mastiff I'd pair with stim or pulse blade. Stim because I'm used to it from collesium. Pulse blade because it scares foes so they flee and you can easily shoot them as they do so; kinda like duck hunting (not that I hunt ducks).

    Ordinance I'd go with a star or smokes. Smokes are rather neat for closing range and shooting through the screen with threat scope. Stars are probably better for giving your load-out a long range option / fast throw emergency weapon when needing to reload.

    Tips for the mastiff are to feed back bullets constantly between fights. It's easy to interrupt loading single bullets, but if you get cause with no bullets it takes too long to feed in one bullet at a time. Speed loader probably is best but I personally like extra ammo. Don't know what other mod is good. I like fast switch as my second mod, or I just use threat scope.

    You'd probably be better making a separate topic about G2, since this is a mastiff titled discussion. You could probably just change the tittle to weapon tip share to keep it generic.

    G2 I like with threat scope and extra ammo and smokes and run with holo pilot. The threat scope helps with accuracy on consoles I find due to the dot on screen. If you have a good trigger finger you can kill people really quickly, so the smoke helps use this gun at closer ranges. It's a really good anti-sniper gun, as the tool tip says it is.
  • RaulSchalke04
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    with G2 I mean its my pilot level, not the gun G2 :)

    Btw, nice suggestion for smoke + threat scope combo. Will try the load out tonight
  • OdysseyHome
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    edited August 2017

    Oh I see. People typically write it Gen2 rather than G2. Bit coincidental that there is a G2 weapon, lol.

    Hope you enjoy the smoke + threat scope combo.

    I can't remember my Gen level. I think I'm Gen28, something like that.
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