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What bundles to buy for everything?

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I love Titanfall 2 and I'm feeling like treating myself. What do I need to buy to get all the released content for the game? Right now, the store is kind of confusing because I've already bought individual things that the bundles already include, but the bundles are still a good value if I want to have everything.

I know for sure I'm interested in the Frontier Defense and Underground Bundles, but what else do I need to get all the prime titans, warpaints and stuff? Is there a package that includes everything?


  • Gr1mPulse
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    Last time I checked, if you have any part of any bundle, it will not allow you to get the bundle. Whether that is intentional or not, I don't know.

    As for your question, the warpaint bundle, prime bundle and newest elite skins bundle would be what I would work on first since they give bonuses (prime only gives new executions).

    If you select the bundles option then read through it should tell you what everything comes with. It is definitely confusing the first few times you check, though.
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