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Well this is awkward...

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So I'm Gen 15.30. I played the first Titanfall game shortly after launch and I've played TF2 since shortly after launch. Now when I first stared playing TF2, I was good. I usually finished top 3 on my team and on the overall ranking after each match, I was dominant, and I usually won the games that I played. But as each DLC has come out and various changes to the game have occurred, I've gotten slightly worse. And it's just gotten worse and worse to the point where I'm playing like a Gen 1. I feel like my pilot loadouts (which I've bee using since Day 1) are failing me, I'm generally avoiding any and all enemy pilots and I rarely use my Titan. Now I have a theory that this could be because I've been playing a little too much Frontier Defence, by my overall game was slipping before the FD update came out.

So I have two questions:

Have I just lost my confidence in my ability to be a good player, or was I taking advantage of the early yet-to-be-nerfed exploits the game had at launch and therefore have regressed into what my skill level actually is? And what can I do to become good again?

P.S. Does playing on different data centres affect who you play against? I only ask this because I would suck on the St. Louis Datacenter but then do really well on the New York Datacenter (since my time zone falls in line with New York).

P.P.S. I've been sucking on New York latelely too.


  • RedShield55
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    I have and idea. The first is that maybe when the game started your skill level was say, 50. Everyone else had like a 0 or 10. Then after a few months, people caught up, to 35, 40, 52, but you remained as a 50. Then after 6 months, people started to pass you, 60, 80, 90. Online tutorials were created, noobs could have a higher number at the start, instead of a 0-10 they could have a 25-30. Everyone else got better, but you didn't. You say you have the same loadout from day one. No freaking wonder. You have to change it up. Find different weapons. The reason people get better is probably because they have found ways to destroy your favorite weapons. Titanfall 2 has metas. Guns come into style then leave with nerfs or just buffs to other weapons. keeping the same weapons from the same meta is like if in star wars you used a vulture droid to try to destroy the second death star. It doesn't work. You have to move on. When I started, Car and Alternator were my guns. Then they moved on to R-97, then I started the Cold War. I tried other guns like the spitfire, didn't like it, the R-201, that one lasted a little while, and at the moment I only have 2 pilots left that I used when I first got this game. A Car-pulse blade, and a phase shift-r-97. However, I tend to use my Grapple-Cold War, my Stim-Volt, Stim-SMR (newest addition) Kraber-Grapple, A-wall-Flatline. No where near from where I started from. Change it up!
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  • OdysseyHome
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    I have peroids where I play poorly. Its normal because when you learn something new you have to get comfortable with it first before it becomes automatic.

    Trick is to not really care about performance and just focus on some skill to practice. That's how i learned to snipe, perseverence and practice.

    Playing against FD bots does make me bit lazy in MP, but after a few games i relearn my old play styles.

    I do use private bounty hunt matches to practice aim and test loadouts, but only for a while. Also i explore new maps before playing MP so i know what i'm in for.
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