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Titan Rodeo Idea

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Braining titans in Titanfall honestly made a lot of sense. The Battery feature of titan fall 2 does not.
I like to think of titanfall 2 as the dimensional twin of Titanfall, the same, but still very different. Its as if the devs looked at their game, and thought, how can we do this differently? And thus Titanfall 2 was born. They looked at the mass customization of the titans, and then created classes. They slowed the titans down. Instead of rodeos being stay on for as long as possible, you go on then get off. The took their closed off extreme parkour maps and then created largely open maps with lots of head room.
Some things from Titanfall 2 I think are great! The look of the pilots, the tacticals they own, the large amount of weapon choices, Glitch, Ion, and Monarch, and lets not forget that campaign!
Some things I think are terrible. Tone was a horrible idea, keeping the smart pistol was even worse, the huge open spaces of homestead and the clunky look of Complex. The lack of specialization in alot of the guns, causing some guns to seem to be the swiss army knives of the weapon depot. (ahemR-x01ahem) The fact I can't mimic that fan art and give the thermite launcher to northstar, despite the obvious implications of being able to stay off your thermite with hover.
Titanfall on the other hand I can't speak much for as I mostly missed it, only getting to play that free trial for about 14 hours. However, from looking at stuff on line I can see that the parkour was great, the environment and wildlife was well done. The idea of dropping down huge robots, the ability to pop onto them and shoot their insides, and so forth.
Things I didn't like about Titanfall when I played it was the amount of AI. I could never find pilots, and then of course the SP was awful. (Never really got far enough to find anything else) I also heard its campaign was shallow.

Now, why have I titled this "Titan Rodeos" if all I was gonna talk about was the difference between Titanfall and its sequel? Because I have an idea for the rodeos.
Hear out my idea:
You're a pilot and you just started rodeoing an enemy scorch. Upon landing, you sit there and shoot down the pilot next to you, taking advantage of the titan's hull (hitbox) to try to avoid damage. A pilot flies at you so you hit "F" and melee them away. You hit "Z" and that rips a small panel on the right side of the head off. You begin to fire into the titan, ripping apart the insides. You start to get injured, so you hold "X" to pull the battery out/ toss the nade in and then run off!
This way you get everything. I never understood why I can't just sit on the titan and use it for cover. If i was a pilot in real life, I would totally throw my A-wall onto that titan and use it to mow down his teammates. (Placing A-wall and hardcover on titans also needs to be a thing)

Thanks for your time! Feel free to share your well constructed and thoughtful opinions down below.
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