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Titan dialogue option

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While talking with my friend about Titanfall we noticed that the connection on titan-pilot bases, unlike in campaign, is almost non-existent. That brought the idea to my head! What if we could have an option to have a short conversation with our titan on a battlefiled? What do you think?
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  • BrenoECB
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    good idea, but i think it would take some of the focus of the player and would be "peculiar" to implement
  • ADV2g
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    I see your point. I thought that might have place in new co-op defence game mode in which it wouldn't be so distracting. And also I know that ?hiring? voice actors would be expensive.
  • Ciriturbo
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    I don't think players would pay attention to it during the heat of the battle. I think Respawn would spent some effort for nothing.

    Do you know your Titan give you a nice message every time you eject from it? Most players don't, and it is because they are focused on the battle.
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