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Ignore this, I'm writing something up over the next few days/weeks which I'll be posting into here as a draft.

Cosmetics in Titanfall 2: Disappointment, False Advertising and 'Exclusivity'

So, to begin I just want to make it clear that I want the best for Respawn and the future of Titanfall. The purpose of this is to make the cosmetics in Titanfall 3 the best they possibly can be, thereby appeasing the players and more importantly, financially supporting development. I've spent around $1000NZD (~$750USD) on everything Titanfall - this includes the game, clothing, toys, a helmet, posters, coins, pins and in game microtransactions. So, obviously I am fully in favour of supporting Respawn and microtransactions in this amazing game.

The following is a detailed chronology of all cosmetics in Titanfall 2 and the changes that have been made to them.

All normal font is fact. All subjective opinion is in italics. This way I can give my opinion on each point as it arises through the support of the game.

Every time I mention that Jay is aware of something it isn't an attack on him. I know that he is just a messenger and he isn't responsible for fixing these issues. No offense is intended at all.


Tech test week 2 - If you play during happy hour during the tech test you can earn a unique banner that will unlock in the full game.

Many people including myself never recieved this. Jay is aware of this issue but hasn't been able to resolve it.

Titanfall Newsletter - If you sign up to the newsletter on Titanfall.com you can unlock an exclusive banner that you will unlock in the full game.

Many people including myself never recieved this. The promotion is no longer valid. Any and all traces of it even existing have disappeared. Jay is aware of this issue but hasn't been able to resolve it.

Preorder Bonus - If you preorder you gain access to an exclusive banner, camo and nose art for Scorch.

Many people never recieved the code for this, especially those ordering via Amazon. Jay is aware of this issue but hasn't been able to resolve it.

Deluxe Edition - By paying more, you receive access to Ion and Scorch Prime when they release. You also get an exclusive Chrome warpaint and a firebird nose art for all six titans. You also receive the exclusive ocean splinter and ocean fractal camos which are usable on pilots, weapons, titans and titan weapons.




Nose Arts



Advocate Gifts


Angel City's Most Wanted DLC 2/12/17

Scorch and Ion Prime are released.
Titan art packs are available for purchase. These include five unique nose arts and one unique warpaint each.
Callsign pack is released. This includes 20 banners and 10 patches.
Camo pack is released. This includes 20 unique camos.

Warpaints are not usable on Prime titans. Nose arts look terrible on Prime titans. This discourages purchasing either the warpaints and nose arts or the prime titans. You can only use one at a time, so purchasing both is a waste of money.
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