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HAWKEN, trying out more mech combat. Any suggestions?

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Anyone here play HAWKEN? Decided to go ahead and see if it's fun but it will be a while before I download it.


  • laddie13
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    I played it when it first was released for PS4. I enjoyed it, but at the time had so many other games I needed to play. That's the story of my life though, too many games, not enough time.
  • BlurriFace
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    edited August 2017
    Adult gamer problems, too many games, not enough time.

    I prefer Titan combat, but it's fun, think I'll keep at it.
  • OdysseyHome
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    Lost planet series 1 and 2 are rather fun mech games that have pilot and mech transitional game-play. They're old but good. LP2 tried to be a coop shooter so if solo I'd recommend LP1; but being an offline gamer at the time LP2 was challenging but is possible to solo if your a micro-managing wizard. I here LP2 multiplayer wasn't that good though and was cheesy,

    I played a bit of Hawken on the PS4. It was okay. Player two matches but then looked at the customization and leveling up paths for the different mech types and when "INFO OVERLOAD" brain better used else where. Game is a bit old as of now, wish I could have played it during PS4 launch period when there was more media buzz about it.

    As for other mech games not really sure.
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