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Purchased items Bundles/Patches and more No longer showing on account Xbox One

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Hey all. I've been playing TF2 on Xbox One since day one and have unlocked most of patches/banners along with purchasing the packs to unlock as many as can get. Now with the lastest FD out I purchased both bundle packs of Titans and Weapon paints. Now when i logged into my account and started to play I noticed everything is showing to purchase them again and even though unlocked now once I click off from it I can never requip it or use it again. It tells me must be purchased again. Anybody else having problem and if not whats the best way to get this solved. Thanks



  • BreenX
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    Having same issue, and not getting bonuses as well, I tell you!
  • bravo4zero
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    I'm also having the same problems
  • I'm having a similar issue my camo package works but my elite weapon skins are not. It says they are still available to purchase but if I try to buy them it says I already own them and I have checked they are still installed, even uninstalled and reinstalled them.
  • This literally just happened to me too. After buying Phantom Elite I can't equip any Elite skins whatsoever, but I still have Aqua Fade equipped on my loadouts and my Legion Prime appears unaffected. Hopefully this is worked out sooner than later.
  • I have a similar problem, my elite weapon skins and frontier defence skins are saying they need to be bought again, as well as the banners and patches from all the paid dlc packs not showing in my selection choices. The skins for these patches still show up, as well as the prime titan still being available. I bought the newest dlc when it came out and I have only been affected by this today.
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