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Just a few tips for Respawn

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Please take this in the nicest way.
1.) Matchmaking is broken.
I would recommend actually adding a matchmaking system. Playing with level 10s while I am generation 18 is not fun. Its sad.
It also sucks because they use really cheap like weapons, for example, have you ever gone up against a team comprised of 50% grapple +R-201 +arc and 50% Stim + Alternator + arc?
Since origin access added titanfall 2, this is all I play against. (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea)
If you could add a matchmaking system where it would put the generations in with other people of the same generation, or maybe with a range, like you would have gens 1-3 in one, you would have gens 4-6 in another, 7-10, and so on. So that way I can stop playing with people who have so little idea what they are doing it actually works in an unfortunate way.
2.) Melee is broken.
I would recommend removing the super hyper sniper lunge, and then make melee two shots. I never understood how punching a pilot could kill them faster than pumping a hecka ton of bullets into them. With the high velocity of this game, many engagements involve getting close to and passing the enemy. With the ability to end the fight right there instantly, it removes a lot of the purpose of a gun fight, and is not the most fun thing.
3.) Map selection
For both Frontier Defense and Multiplayer, could you guys add a map selection option? This should be free of course. (I have seen this kind of thing cost money)
I ask this because
a.) Playing the same map multiple times is boring.
b.) My friend bought this game on his toaster (unfortunately he only has a toaster to play it on)
and it has this sad problem where:
1.) Starts game in party with me and my friend
2.) Game loads, I get put into the game.
3.) My friend's toaster takes longer to load the map, so long that the matchmaking "system" thinks the game has an open slot and fills it.
4.) My friend is kicked.
5.) I quit.
Now, comes the odd part.
If the next match we load up is the same map, it will work and we will have fun. If it is not, the cycle resets. Since usually the game plays different maps, (sure you might get the same map a whole bunch, but when you actually want that to happen it doesn't) it's very hard to be able to play with him. Which is a bummer because he's my only school friend who plays Titanfall 2, the only other people I know irl are my family.
The only maps his toaster can load properly are Rise, (idk why) and sometimes the Live Fire maps (maybe because they are smaller).
You could design it to be similar to the multiplayer game mode selection screen, where you have a list of all the maps and you check the ones you want to be connected to. Then, the server tries to fill up your map with games. This might end up leading to a problem where only one map ever plays for people who want to play different maps, but you guys can probably maybe sorta kinda possibly do it.
Because of my friends toaster, we usually end up playing Private Matches, as we can choose the map, but its not the same with only 3 people. However, it also allows to do things like increase our health to 200%, 325% and 500%.
500% tends to be a bit much, but at around 200%-350% our fire fights get really fun as we actually have to do things like reload the gun, duck behind cover, and melee then shoot or vice versa. By making melee two hits, we found out that when you get kicked you fly backwards, discouraging another kick. So thats already there. the fights were alot more chaotic when our tacticals actually had use, using stim to reset our health, grapple to duck to cover.
I hope you guys will try increasing the TTK with melee instead of "fixing" it for the experienced players, I also hope you guys will add a map selection for my friend, and a matchmaking system for the new players.

Help I'm trapped in a signature factory


  • AlClemBee9575
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    I agree with most of this. Melee definitely needs to be fixed because it works perfectly in the first Titanfall game. Just a simple kick with no ridiculous lunge that happened. As for the match making, I'm not sure how easy that is to program into the game but hopefully they can do something similar to what you suggested. As for you friends problem, based on you calling it a "toaster" it sounds to me like his computer can barely run Titanfall as it is. I'm probably wrong on that, but that's what is sounds like. That being said, I've had that happen to me before, but I play on Xbox and it rarely happens.
  • Or the melee could work like, you punch someone and he is stunned, and in three melee strikes he's dead
  • OdysseyHome
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    Or the melee could work like, you punch someone and he is stunned, and in three melee strikes he's dead

    I'd prefer it if all pilots had a shorter grapple called a 'winch' that can be shot out like spiderman to pull themselves towards surfaces or enemies. Also, would be cool to use it on grapple points like poles and beams to swing yourself around the map. Would be a novel mechanic for a first person shooter.

    Would also like hover to become default but changed into a float / glide / air-dash ability. Would make aerial combat and shooting easier while you're chaining mobility moves to exploit map layout and features.
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