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Can we ever use Titanfall 1 pilots designs for Tf2

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In titanfall 2 the pilots look awesome, everyone have they respective aspect to they tactical ability, but today i was watching some titanfall 1 gameplay and as i saw the old pilots design i was questioning myself if it would be possible to add TF1 pilots to TF2, now that the updates are bringing some classic stuff to the game like maps and weapons which i love by the way, this idea is perfect to behold, you can call them prime pilots(buying them as a cosmetic feature), or if it is possible, instead of buying them, complete a difficult goal in order to un lock the TF1 appearence for your pilot, in my case y would love to use the IMC female sniper, the Rifleman(whit that classic helmet that commander Gates of the 64 uses), and well all the others.

It would be really awesome, nice, epic and many other synonyms of respawn entertainment (like if you saw what i did there), to add these designs to the game.
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