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ronin sword block OP

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ronins sword block is OP because his sword can withstand any core in the game even tones salvo core and still have health left so my idea is that the sword would have limited durability so it can take hits but a core and it crumbles in a few seconds except monarchs core and legions core 1 monarchs core does no damage 2 legions core takes time after the sword brakes ronins melee is a punch he still has his shot gun though he will need new ability's now that he does not have a sword when ronin has sword core and if sword is still there it repairs the sword if not he gets it back until it breaks again sword block characteristics are the same. the only way the sword is damaged is if ronin uses sword block and the sword gets hit with this idea i think ronin will tend to not use sword block as much before they end up with no sword


  • RedShield55
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    no thats a bad idea (darn filter)
    Ronin is fine just keep firing.
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  • Thefuzz83
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    Just watched a ronin in sword block run around in circles through thermite pool, titan shooting and another scorch with his shield and smoke. About 5-6 seconds this went on. Took a sliver of his life. Boosted away came back and did it again. Another pool more thermite shield. I would say 5 seconds more not even one bar of health was gone. That is very much on the scale of Op. Blocking the front I get but he needs to be able to be punished for something like that. Thermite pool and smoke should of been the ronins downfall. Even respawn calls him a hit and run artist. That sounds like what tanks do. Go in soak damage. Hit and run artist should not be standing between a firing squad laughing at you soaking up damage. More and more ronins are on the battle field because they can group up soaking damage from all angles and sword you for high damage. Thats ridiculous to me.
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