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FD on War Games (Hard+)

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What the **** man. This map is certainly challenging on regular but I can't seem to get past Wave 4 on higher difficulties. Can we discuss strategies here? (Trap and sentry placement, titan composition, etc)


  • RedShield55
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    It would help if you could choose maps so I could go try it...
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  • OdysseyHome
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    L453R-634M wrote: »
    What the **** man. This map is certainly challenging on regular but I can't seem to get past Wave 4 on higher difficulties. Can we discuss strategies here? (Trap and sentry placement, titan composition, etc)

    My issues with this map is that the reapers spawn ticks, and ticks have a pretty large blast radius and damage so you can get instantly killed if one drops from the ceiling and bombs your allies titan, and you just happen to be in the area. Death without warning.

    To counter this you need to kill the reapers when they pearch themselves on buildings. I think these places are the same locations were mortar specters can setup; they can be difficult areas to for some titans. And this is a neglected job I find in public games because people are too busy preventing conga lines of titans.

    The fourth wave you mention is when lots of mortar titans spawn at the back of the map. Mainly in the back center, and back left and right. Since most people build their defenses near the harvester it's a mad dash to get to these mortar titans in time, which then means the harvester is unprotected. Ideally a smart player will move to the back and disrupt the mortar teams; but this means you lose damage output on the beseiging titans.

    I've noticed that the spawns don't change between difficulties just AI damage resistance. So if you practice on a lower difficulty and learn the spawn order, you can move your arc traps to better locations and stun lock foes.
  • Have someone covering the right lane. Reapers largely only come down the right lane, and they only set up to launch ticks on top of two particular buildings on the right lane. Having one person covering that lane, and STICKING TO THEIR JOB, prevents that entirely.

    That's the biggest part of Wargames, honestly. Getting people to calm their ADHD and stick to their jobs. If you're all piled on the left chasing grunties and the occasional scorch when right lane has a push spawn, it's going to be GG when you can't get over there in time to stop things. Similarly, if left lane guys are out of position trying to **** points on right lane, the left lane scorches are going to **** fire all over your harvester and laugh all the way to the defeat screen.

    You want a right lane guy, a left lane guy, a floater that reinforces whichever lane is getting pushed, and a backfield guy hunting mortars and tones in the back and reinforcing lanes when he's got nothing to shoot at. Beyond that, it's simple FD 101 stuff: You don't have a Northstar playing backfield floater, you don't blow all your cash on batteries when you could be spending it on traps and maybe a turret to help with Plasma Drones (assuming you're still new and don't have PD spawns memorized so you can one-punch the entire squad as they drop down), you don't leave reapers up to keep **** ticks down your throat.
  • AlClemBee9575
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    I agree with the other two here. War Games is challenging enough on Regular, but Hard is another story entirely. I find that the titans other players have chosen factors a lot into this map. Monarch, Tone, Legion, and Scorch are considered to be the best lineup of Titans for FD. Believe me, I've tried using Ion, Ronin, and Northstar with little to no success on this map. Good communication is always key too. If you can communicate effectively, you can certainly deal with that wave. If you can communicate well, you may not be able to stop the harvester from taking damage, but you can certainly stop it from being destroyed.

    And as the fellow mentioned above, one of the beautiful things about FD is that the AI works exactly the same. They don't change spawn patterns or movement patterns. If you can memorize these spawning and movement patterns by playing on a lower difficulty, you can certainly position you or your teammates in a position to quickly and effectively take them out.
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