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Award SOMETHING To The Pilot Who Delivers The Fatal Shot That Destroys The Enemy Dropship

7 postsPosts: 13
If kill points aren't going to be awareded to the pilot who delivers the killshot to an enemy dropship (Ultimately killing everyone on board of course :) ), then XP points should be awarded to that pilot instead

This would create INCENTIVE to those who feel they need it to go after the enemy as it tries to escape instead of just putting down the controller or whatever they do (Therefore getting in the way of those ACTUALLY TRYING to intercept it) while waiting for the next match to begin

Mind you, this happens in BOTH TF1 AND TF2 (Regardless of faction)

Thoughts ??



  • RedShield75
    61 postsPosts: 70
    Doesn't it give you a meret?
    Also for those people who put their controllers down shame on them. The epilogue is fun and should be played just for that, even if you don't earn really anything from it.
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