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Frontier Defense Titan Meta



  • OdysseyHome
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    @L453R-634M Ah I see. Yep that last nuke way is crazy!

    But having said that I find ronin is much more effective in that phase as a arc waver staying in the middle of the map, bit beyond the tower so your in that creek bed ally where the rock and trees give you cover so that enemies come either left or right of you. You can then stop the arc ronins on the right by arc waving them after they fall and using e-smoke in the corridor they try to run through, allowing a scorch or legion to mop them up before they get close to the harvester... The game also does a little 'trick' near the end of the phase by having stealth titans approach from the far left and right map edges so ronin I find can use sword core to stop those guys from being a problem.

    I find most of the issues going from hard to master is about team coordination. Generally people I find stick too close to the harvester and don't claim the middle battlefield so they can form a blockade and if they break can retreat and then push them back again. If the foes are already at your harvester you can't push them back..

    Other thing is people generally try to tank with Ronin. Sword core I find is more about mobility than damage I find.
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