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Server fixes going live & Update on Classic music option

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Hey friends,
Thank you for all the kind words, feedback, and bug reporting so far! We've seen player counts spike in a big way and it's been awesome to watch you all enjoying the updates and Frontier Defense.

We wanted to give a couple updates:
  • To clarify balance changes - LMG's received the same Aim Assist changes as AR's.
  • Missing Classic Music option: This is an unfortunate bug for consoles that we won't be able to address until next patch. It's bummer and we're sorry for the confusion.

Also have some fixes that went live today on all platforms:
  • Adjusted how stats are gathered in FD so that it does not affect your player vs player K/D.
  • Fixed issue with your Titan getting stuck by your own Tether Traps.
  • Fixed issue with enemies falling through map in Black Water Canal.
  • Made improvements to overall stability in Frontier Defense.
  • Issues with Advocate Gifts with Aegis Ranks will be fixed retroactively in the future.
Jay Frechette | Community Manager | Respawn
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