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Titanfall Raid

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Yesterday, while playing Frontier I thought how great would it be and how perfect it would fit to the Franchise if it would be a shared World Shooter like Destiny.

Raids could be so great
Titanfall 2 has an absolute perfect Movement for jumping Puzzles like Destinys Raids have, like the Level in the Campaign where you climb up in the factory.

Or Team up in two teams with two players, one Team shifts to the past and has to clear the way for the other Team, the Time travel Level in the Titanfall Campaign was so great, this Feature could be a great mechanic in a Raid.

Boss fights with 2 Titans and one or two supporting the Titans with Batteries or making a stationary weapon ready to kill the Boss while Titans are distracting him.

****, there are so many things that come in Mind when thinking about Raids in Titanfall 2 or 3
This should be a thing
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