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Can't hear audio

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I'm sorry if this was addressed before
Ok so I was playing a game of attrition (on Xbox) and about halfway through the game the parts of the audio cut like I couldn't hear footsteps I could sort of Hear my gun firing and everything was quiet and when I got into the multiplayer lobby the music was fine until I moved the higlither for what I wanted to to the music would get very quiet and no sound indicated I had done anything and I kept it still and a couple seconds later the audio would be fine again and the process would repeat
Has anyone else had this problem or a fix to it?


  • colachic
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    This happened to me yesterday, so I stopped playing. Turned it back on today, but it's still doing the same thing. Happened during an Attrition game and would cut in and out in the menu whenever I would use my controller (audio was fine when I left my controller to idle). Not sure how to fix it though.
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