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Complex - death by "Fall"

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@getmused provided this video:


There's been a smattering of complaints about it, and we've built a thread in general discussion to gather data:


It happens in the same spot on Complex, under varying circumstances.

You can see @getmused video above.

I don't have mine on video - but I was the only one in that area, so I called in my Titan (a Scorch - of course) and I also popped my extra battery boost. I embarked, and at the end of the embark sequence, I died, I could see my Titan above me, and then my Titan was just simply gone when I respawned.

No chance there was anyone else around, no AI, etc.

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  • getmused
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    Just too add, at the end of the video watch the death feed and you'll see the same player I executed, that very Titan supposedly fell on me.

  • jonammann
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    We had already won in complex, I was in a ronin, wiping up pilots, hopped out to pick up a battery in the tunnel near the extraction. Boom dead from fall when reentering my Titan?! Can't call in a Titanfall in a tunnel. Im guessing it was an object clipping glitch. Like on angel city some of the terrain lets your titans feet sink in and the reaction is your Titan exploding.

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Johnny Red 79/video/34321747
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