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elite pilots

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i had the idea of if a pilot has a scorch titan for example once the titan drops by dis embarking or ejecting the pilot will be given a weapon that is unique to the titan that the pilot chose and the pilot should have a similar kit to his titan this could be turned on or off in the pilot menu they are called elite pilots. this is similar to bf1 and the elite classes but this is designed to strengthen the bond between pilot and titan in the multiplayer because now even with enhanced auto titan it feels like a robot is just following you around not like a really cool fight were the pilot and titan work together and use the bond that they have developed . lets take scorch for instance the pilot disembarks to get involved in a big fight but since he has scorch by his side and scorch is about fire the pilot will be equipped with a flame thrower that is the elite weapon but the elite pilot also have an exclusive execution but the titan does not the scorch elite pilot execution is called fiery skull: a punch to the shoulder enemy turns around and gets a flamethrower to the skull head is burnt off. the elite pilots are for every titan including monarch. another example of this is legion the elite pilot gets a mini gun . the execution called gun stand (uses the enemy as a stand for his gun) the elite pilot weapon can fire as much as the player wants (unlimited ammo and no reload) the way you get an elite pilot is to drop your titan disembark or eject and also buff the auto titan and make it better against player controlled titans and other auto titans
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