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Surround sound headset reco?

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​My setup is the tv mounted on the wall in the living room with all my consoles in the basement for a clean look. So I play on the first floor, and the Xbox One S is in the basement. I use an Elite Controller and it works perfectly fine through the floor. I have a surround sound system that is fantastic for gaming but need a headset for when I need to be quiet in the house. Due to my setup I want a headset with surround sound (so I know what sounds are coming from behind me, in front of me, to the left/right), microphone, and that plugs into my Elite Controller since I don't have access to the console itself. Does this exist?


  • cosmicturtle333
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    The elite controller has a 3.5mm jack, right?

    Most headsets have some form of surround sound these days. You'll just want to get a good quality one, e.g. 7.1 is better than 5.1.
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