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Embarkation animation

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Dear Respawn:
Can you please give us the option of toggling between first person Titan embarkation and third person Titan embarkation? It was FANTASTIC to see myself embark into a Titan, and it's thrilling for me to change my perspective like that. Loved the first game, hope you can put more fantastic elements from the original game into Titanfall 2. Hope someone from the studio will read this.


  • ANormalGewehr
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    Yes, I hope Respawn have seen the support for first person embarks. They were my favorite part of the first game and if it was added in to titanfall 2 I would be so happy. It's a small thing but It absolutely changes the feeling of titan combat. I wouldent even care if the first person animations were really janky and unpolished I would just like the option to toggle it in the settings.
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