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Devotion still on top ?

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I was curious if devotion was still the top LMG or if due to recent nerfs the scale was somewhat balanced in the lmg department


  • cosmicturtle333
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    Yeah probably. All three have very different playstyle so it's hard to compare. So the best LMG for me (the L-STAR) may be the worst for you if you don't like that playstyle.
    "the OP master of this community" - DoomestosCZ March 22, 2017 12:17AM
  • Yeah, I do remember people talking about that LMG more frequently a few months ago but I am not sure. I really never use LMGs. I have been trying to get more into Snipers and what not.
  • AI_software
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    I find the Spitfire to be the easiest and most reliable to use. The L-Star has the fastest kill time and can be the best LMG in a skilled hand. And the Devotion actually takes a bit of skill to use now (never thought I'd ever say that) since you have to ramp up the fire rate if you want it to kill an enemy quickly.
    RIP Volt -| |- 05.30.17
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