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Looking for New, Quality Members

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Xiled Gaming Network (XGN)
Looking for New, Quality Members

Looking for New, Quality Members
The community of XGN, including some 5,000+ members and over 60,000 registered users, is looking for new prospective recruits to join the fold. Spanning multiple games and consoles, there’s a chance for anyone from PlayStation, Xbox, or Personal Computer to find a place to call home.

What is XGN?
A: Xiled Gaming Network is a community founded by gamers for gamers. Catering to the desires and interests of casual and competitive gamers alike.

What can XGN offer you as a member?
A: XGN is a family community comprised of members and leadership alike that seek to actively engage you and your interests as a member by providing a safe environment in which you can pursue your talents and interests as an individual and a gamer. Offering tournaments and game nights as squads, divisions, and a community alike and opportunities for advancement in the ranks. Likewise there are media and other opportunities in the various departments available such as Streaming and Web Operations.

Why join XGN?
A: Founded on July 7th, 2010, XGN has offered a safe, family experience for thousands of gamers; providing not only a positive gaming experience, but personal growth for its members. If you choose to just play and be a member, there’s a place for you, but if you choose to take a voluntary position as one of the leadership, there’s also a chance to both learn and truly show what you can offer as a leader within the XGN family.

If you’re interested in joining, feel free to either contact a member of the community on your choice of platform or visit our website at http://joinxgn.com and fill out a Community Application to begin.

Happy Gaming!

Twitter: @OfficialXGN
Facebook: OfficialXGN
Instagram: @XGNClan
Youtube: XGN Clan
Website: http://xgn.gg/
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