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New Featured Mode Live Today!

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Hey all,

Starting today, we're going to be running an experimental set of balance changes in the Featured Mode slot called High TTK to gather feedback for our next patch. The primary change is a time to kill increase for the majority of pilot weapons and amped pilot weapons. Additionally, to offset people living longer, we've made some small adjustments to several tactical abilities that were feeling overpowered with these changes.

There are more changes to our weapon systems coming next patch that work with these changes, but for now we're looking for your feedback on overall feel and specific weapon balance. Here's a breakdown of the changes and caveats:


*Pilot weapon TTK increased.
*Amped weapon TTK increased.
*Stim speed boost slightly decreased.
*Phase Shift has 1 charge, but lasts longer.
*Grapple has a slightly longer regen time.
*Silencers are broken in this test.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below!
Jay Frechette | Community Manager | Respawn
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