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The Scrape Universe

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Do you want to win? To learn what it means to be a pilot? Join me in scraping our opponents ad infinitum.

What this network is:

A small knit group of friends that have practiced and learned the ways of the game since the game's released. At our peak, our win % was 84%, 83% (mine), and 82%. We all stopped playing as frequently at a point so our win % dropped a bit (81%, 78.6% (mine), 77.7%) but we still go on serious win streaks on the regular.

What this network is NOT:

We are not a serious community whose sole purpose is to grow and gain notoriety. We do not have a website or any of that other gibberish. You are not obligated to play only TF2 and you're definitely not obligated to recruit for me.

We will NOT hold your hand and carry you to victory either so if you want to actually improve, feel free to join us. If you want handouts and free wins, go somewhere else. I've been hearing that a lot of newer players are struggling hard in this game so I am offering and teach tips to people who are willing to learn so that you can become a better player. You can add me (GT: Ars Symphinity) if you just want to play, spar/learn, or want more information on my crew. Network tag is WTSU (Welcome to The Scrape Universe).

If you want a glimpse of what you could be learning how to do, you can watch this to motivate you.

NOTE: I am by no means a Titanfall God or even close to it. However, I do have insights and knowledge on the game that puts me in a position to assist other people in their learning even if I'm not as good as Frothy or DinosaurD for example. Keep that in mind before you join. I can teach you, but I can't teach you EVERYTHING.

I am a Potato beyond Potatoes. I... am a Super Potato!
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