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Some Ideas for Titanfall 2

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So I've played this game a ton, nearly 300 hours at this point, and I can't get enough of it. I've also came up with some ideas, both a mix of balancing and new stuff in general, so lets get started!



Scorch - While he can be amazing in the hands of a great player, he could still stand to be better and more reliable.
  • Higher ammo capacity - Could we make his thermite launcher a semi-auto with like 4 or 5 shots? In terms of reloading, it could be similar to the mastiff where he has to reload each shot separately but can fire when at least 1 is loaded.
  • Extra Incendiary Traps - Whether default or a new kit, an extra trap would help improve his damage output.
  • Explosive Incendiary Traps - His thermite traps are deadly, that is until the enemy walks slightly to the side... To help this, Scorch should have the ability to detonate thermite traps. This can be done by shooting the canister directly with the thermite launcher or using flame core on them. The damage dealt could be similar to a fully charged shot from Northstar's plasma railgun.
  • Ronin Counter - I feel that Scorch is decent but not amazing at countering Ronin. I think a good change to make him a great counter would be that the damage dealt by thermite from incendiary traps/fire wall and flame core will bypass Ronin's sword block.
  • Default Thermal Plating - Make the thermal plating kit default for Scorch, allowing a different kit to be used
  • Magnetic Thermite Kit - A new kit made to replace the thermal plating which allows direct hits with the thermite launcher to stick onto enemies, similar to the firestar.

Tone - While he seems more balanced now, I just want to throw out an idea I have for him
  • Tracking Rockets Cooldown - I feel that this ability is a bit over powered considering it can just be infinitely spammed. To help compensate for the cooldown, increase the damage it deals.
  • Buff 40mm Cannon - I feel that this weapon in its current damage vs titans is pitiful... I think that adding a cooldown to Tones rockets while increasing the 40mm's v titan damage would make Tone players utilize their main weapon instead of relying on a ability like other titans have to.

Ion - Just a small adjustment
  • Make Ion's tripwire lasers invisible to enemy titans, make it more effective as a trap.

Legion - Just a small adjustment
  • Allow the ability to turn off gunshield by pressing the defensive ability again (this wouldn't reduce gunshields cooldown), this way in emergencies legions can run away or gain the ability to melee again.

Northstar - Just a small adjustment
  • Add a default buff which allows his railgun shots to penetrate through infantry but not through reapers or titans (that would require the kit)

Ronin - A modification to sword block
  • Directional Input - Make it so Ronin's swordblock doesn't affect his entire body, but rather just his front half. This would allow flankers to punish Ronin properly, and numbers to overwhelm him more effectively.


Mastiff - Increase default and perked ammo capacity.

G2 - Remove hair trigger from default G2. Make it a weapon mod at least.

R201/R202 - Slightly reduce damage.

L-Star - Reduce damage & projectile size.

Alternator - Either reduce accuracy or damage.

R-97 - Reduce damage

Pilot Tactical:

Holopilot - Animate it so it looks as if it's aiming and shooting at the closest enemy, increasing its bamboozling effectiveness.

New Additions:


Surge - An electrical based titan which fries and disrupts opponents, leaving them vulnerable to other titans!
  • Chassis - Stryder based, sacrificing durability for speed
  • Primary Weapon- Titanfall 1's Arc Cannon - limited range and moderate damage which disrupts enemy titans and destroys rockets. Can bypass and drain energy from vortex & thermal shield, and can chain targets.
  • Ordnance - Shock Mine - An electrical trap which will damage and stun opponents when triggered.
  • Defensive - Static Burst - An AOE attack with decently large radius which slightly damages enemies but applies EMP affect on them, allowing Surge to dine and ditch.
  • Tactical - Lockdown - Fires a overcharged blast from the Arc Cannon which will temporarily disabled the enemy titan's abilities.
  • Core - Arc Thrower - The Arc Cannon will rapidly spew out several arcs of electricity, dealing high damage and slowing/dazing targets.


Chaotic Titan Brawl - A titan-only gamemode similar to Titan Brawl, but everyone's titan has all of their titan-specific kits enabled.

Randomizer - A game of attrition but after every death, you are equipped with a new loadout you can't change. Titans are also randomly selected and randomly kitted.

Pilot Kit:

-Jump Pack Mk.2 - Allows for longer wall runs, longer slides, and triple jump.

Got any other ideas? leave a comment below!
Let the flames cleanse thee...


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