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Game Stuff: A Gaming Podcast with Respawn Sound Designer Brad Snyder

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Respawn's Sound Designer Brad Snyder along with his best friend Sean Krick from Riot games have started a new podcast about video games. If you have questions, suggestions, or topics you would like them to cover/discuss send them an email at: [email protected]

Follow them on Twitter @GameStuffPod

Below you will find links to every episode of Game Stuff, be sure to check them out!

Episode 0 Podcasters Hate Us For This One Reason

Episode 1 The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Episode 2 Special Guest Chris Musto of Riot Games

Episode 3 The Sequel of Our Destiny Is Announced

Episode 4 Deja Vu

Episode 5 Playstation 3 Sings A Swan Song

Episode 6 E3 Prediction Bonanza
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