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Titanfall Fanfictions by Matteoarts

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I'm uncertain if a thread has been made for this guy yet, but his writing is phenomenal. I've been marathoning his books for a couple weeks now and they get better as they go.

I know the word "fanfiction" has a degree of cringe associated with it, but this Matt guy really fleshes out the Titanfall universe which is desperately in need of expanded lore as it is, and he does it well. Give these a look if you wanted something to read - even if it is non-canon - and show this dude some love.
I recommend starting with Live Fire if you wanted a taste of his work before diving into the trilogy.

Titanfall: Inferno (Book 1)

Titanfall: Tempest (Book 2)

Titanfall: Cinder (Book 3)

Live Fire (Standalone)
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